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  • Public Health Agency

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  • NI Chest Heart & Stroke
  • Developing Healthy Communities

"Work Well, Live Well" Explained

Work is a key part of life and health is a key part of work. Three main elements at work can affect your health:

  • A safe and healthy physical environment for you to work in;
  • Opportunities for you not only to learn more about staying healthy but also to help you improve your health;
  • Workplace policies and practices which protect and promote your health including the promotion of positive working relationships.

The Public Health Agency recognises the importance of workplace health and wellbeing. This tool aims to help employers identify the health needs of their employees. Your employer is one of those keen to develop a healthy workplace programme to support your health at work. To help your employer do this, we want your views on a range of issues.

The following questionnaire is designed to help you think about your health and how your workplace can protect, maintain and even improve it. Individuals and the information they provide on the questionnaire will not make them identifiable to their employers. When you have filled it in, your views will be added to those of your colleagues. Feedback to the employer will be group based rather than individual.


  • How much does it cost?
    The workplace health assessment tool is completely free, we do not take any money from employers nor do we sell data to third parties.


  • What happens to my answers?
    All the responses from your organisation are gathered on the Public Health Agency's confidential database which cannot be accessed by your employer.
  • Will it be treated confidentially?
    Yes. Your name is not asked for at any point and your employer will not see your responses at any time. It will not be possible to identify any individual as the report your employer receives will present the results in a general form.
  • What way is the questionnaire structured?
    Each section of the questionnaire asks you some questions about your own health behaviours and what, if anything, you would like your employer to do to help you improve your health. At the end of the questionnaire you will have the opportunity to find out more information about the topics that are covered.
  • Will all the changes or actions I am interested in happen?
    You will be given a list of options of things you would like to see change or happen in your workplace. Your employer will do their best to implement the changes but the resulting action will depend on the views of the majority of employees, and the practical and resource issues within each workplace.

Supporting organisations

The Health at Work survey has been created by the Public Health Agency. We are supported in delivering the project by:

  • NI Chest Heart and Stroke
  • Developing Healthy Communities